Ascendant – Source Transmission

Ascendant - Source Transmission

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Ascendant – Source Transmission
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Some cool, contemporary and fresh downtempo electronics make up “Source Transmission”, the full-length debut of Chris Bryant and Don Tyler who both hail from California’s Bay Area.

Their 73-minute, positively tuned work of art (an exploration of the edges of reality through the cosmic dream-code) merges sequencer-driven, dreamy, ethereal and minimal ambient along lovely pulsating and groovy currents that never gets busy. It’s actually just a small step from modern Tangerine Dream to the output of this duo, which really shows in a track like “Fortran Drift”. “Elliptical Memory” and the title piece are also captivating pieces. Mind though all music is executed in a rather minimal, overtly mellow fashion with celestial flavors passing by once in a while.


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