Ascendant – Starfall

Ascendant - Starfall

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Ascendant – Starfall
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synphaera Records, 2024

This release surfaced very quickly after their “Astral Ascendant”, which makes sense as it is the sequel to the previous one and was produced at the same time. At first, it seems to continue where the duo Bryant/Tyler left us a month before, but soon it appears the overall vibe of the 51-minute “Starfall” is more chilled out, still sequencer-driven psychedelic space music with some melodic nods.

Of the five tracks, “Infinity Architect” and “Helios Drift” prove special due to the attentive, spiraling sequencing and its overall floating nature as well as the final piece “Voidstar” that touches down off and on in ethereal/mellow territory.


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