Ash Ra Tempel – Friendship

Ash Ra Tempel - Friendship

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Ash Ra Tempel – Friendship
CD, Manikin Records, 2000

In the year 2000, Manikin label-owner Mario Schönwälder released this fine, fully instrumental album. Klaus Schulze and his Ashra Tempel band mate Manuel Göttsching go back a long way, belonging to the league that started the so-called Kosmische, Kraut and Prog-Rock wave in Germany.

Three long, slowly evolving tracks are featured on the 78-minute “Friendship”, all containing most pleasant and emotive music. The outcome echoes the thrill and vibe of the ’70’s with great spacy synth textures, electronic percussion, all nicely complimented by Manuel’s characteristic acoustic and e-guitar playing.

The arrangement of warm synthetic sounds, pads and percussive ingredients is a joy to listen to, which strengthens me in the belief the slow evolving and slightly groovy music making up “Friendship” is most of all a Schulzian-affair with a dash of classic Pink Floyd thrown in. Many of these same warm pads and groovy bass lines would return on Schulze’s forthcoming studio and live albums.

The collaboration of the two musicians reaches its pinnacle on the stellar 26-minute title track, where all magic things just fall into place in a most harmonic and touching way. Here, Mr Gottsching delivers some emotional guitar soloing and soundscaping complementing Mr Schulze’s fine synth-work.
All in all, “Friendship” makes almost 70 minutes of worthy listening.



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