Ashen Simian – Momentum

Ashen Simian - Momentum

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Ashen Simian – Momentum
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Retroduction, 2016

“Momentum”, released a few days before Christmas 2016, was realized using an Ipad along modern desktop synths apart from the usual Ensoniq Fizmo and Korg O1W/fd which Ami Hassinen uses a lot in his music and those of Nemesis.

Compared to his previous album “New Horizons”, the character of most of the 66-minute “Momentum” is a bit more modern and rhythmic oriented.
The three first tracks are live recordings from a concert in Turku, Finland in the beginning of December 2016 (where Ami shared the stage with Juhamatti Rautiainen Soundscapes) while studio versions of other music played there form the remainder of the album.

I feel the result in an intrinsic ambient journey with contemplative (under)currents, a dash of psychedelic trippyness along a few subdued groovy edges. The approach turns out especially well on the mellow “Apex Station” and “Von Däniken” that follow after two soundscape exercises. Tempo shifts in higher gear on the freakier “Absit Invidia 2” and descends to mellower realms on the 11-minute title piece. I though feel the latter should have closed the album instead of the awkward, a bit out of place song “Eprom A”.


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