Ashen Simian – Omicron in Ostrobothnian Finsternis

Ashen Simian - Omicron in Ostrobothnian Finsternis

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Ashen Simian – Omicron in Ostrobothnian Finsternis
CD-R, Retroduction, 2009

This cd is actually the first solo effort of Nemesis-member Ami Hassinen, who decided to use the pseudonym and anagram Ashen Simian for this purpose. The release compiles archival and unfinished compositions from several years, which Ami has edited, re-recorded, and mixed at the end of 2008.

The music of “Omicron in Ostrobothnian Finsternis” has an open and modern sound with a nice upbeat angle to it, which will appeal for a wide audience. The rather short kept pieces blend straightforward sequencing with Kraftwerkian elements, beats and versatile vintage/Berliner School soundtextures.

The strong opener “Vaporizer” sets out in captivating, powerful manner, after more relaxed moods settle down on the chill-out track “Footprints in the Sky”, later on shifting to beautiful, vintage-inflused anthemic themes on “MeteorStrome”.
The synth-pop flavoured “Start before you stop” is a nicely sequenced, rhythmic outing with a dancy feel, before the crispy, straight-forward sequencing, captivating melodic chords and solo-bits of “Omicron” enter the scene.

“Finsternis” shifts back to more relaxed and moody electronics, followed by the smooth vintage textures, guitar licks and sequenced beats of the 7-minute“Ostrobothnia”. Due to its length and more improvised form this one appeals less to my taste, as some soloing seems a bit out of place here as well.

The 13-minute atmospheric, overtly improvised “Absit Invidia” is the last track of the 55-minute, well-produced album, which hails back to the style and approach of Nemesis . After a rather searching start, nicely rendered sequencer-patterns and retro sound pads step in, to which some (Edgar Froese-like guitar) soloing is added.

All in all, the strength of this album’s music is best expressed in the first half of the cd, which contains the shorter, more concise pieces.
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