Robert Carty – Ancient Flow

Robert Carty - Ancient Flow

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Robert Carty – Ancient Flow
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deep Sky Music, 2011

With “Ancient Flow”, ambient/space composer Robert Carty delivered his third release of deep sonic textures in 2011. Known for his lush and floating soundscape design, the music of the four 15-minute tracks walks into familiar territory.

Carty’s expansive electronic dronescapes easily immerse the listener in a warm cosmic flow that I’m sure many fans of long form deep space music will appreciate. The first two pieces create their own spacious environment filled with easy-going melodic textures, occasionally along some environmental sounds and smooth sequencing in the backdrop.

The first half of the third track “Into the Spiral” is more active with pronounced, swirling drones and rhythmic/sequenced structures. The final piece “Immortal Fabric” though returns to the drifting flow-formulae, complimented with some twinkling but hold-back sequencers in the second half.

All together, the well-executed “Ancient Flow” is a fluid space ride going by as a gentle breeze, leaving a profound relaxed feel.


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