Ashen Simian – Shambhala

Ashen Simian - Shambhala

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Ashen Simian – Shambhala
Mc/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Retroduction, 2018

Ami Hassinen’s “Shambhala” contains a collection of rather varied tracks -made with analog and digital synths as well as electric and acoustic guitar- intended to let the music take its own shape anyway it wants to. The 12 tracks sound contemporary, feature a slab of Berlin School style (“E Voice Phenomena”), experiment (“Roentgen”, “Shambhala”), techno ambient (“Teleplasmia”, “Vimana”) while most are rather rhythmic/beat oriented. Contrary to that opener “Aetherius” has a strong early Robert Schroeder-feel. “Pyromantia” makes a darker and dramatic freeform exercise airing a certain dystopian flair as well.

Although some pieces miss clear direction and the album lacks cohesion, “Shambhala” explores a couple of interesting ideas.



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