Ashen Simian – Spinal Staircase

Ashen Simian - Spinal Staircase

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Ashen Simian – Spinal Staircase
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Retroduction, 2013

This second solo-instalment by Ami Hassinen is a very nice surprise, introducing its listeners to more rhythmic-oriented music with more sparse arrangements than heard from his band Nemesis.

Presented in a modern, stylish 6-panel digi-pack, “Spinal Staircase” offers a very clear and transparent sound design where heavy bass lines and fresh, crispy rhythms pave the way for a futuristic kind of electronic /synth- pop that features slights influences of Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder and Karl Bartos occasionally. Most of all, there’s a sense of wonder shining through most of the tracks while the upbeat “Nozama” simply focuses on presenting a jolly nice song.

The best is kept for the almost 30-minute title piece, where groovy/techno music flavors, fast sequencers and vintage sounds complement each other in a catchy, constant evolving style. The last couple of minutes of this piece are hectic and a bit chaotic as all elements culminate for the finale blast, before fading away in a moody ambient wash of textures.
The physical release comes with a download code of the album, plus a 25-minute track (“Staircase to the Stars”) as a bonus. This is actually a full ambient overhaul of the title piece.

“Spinal Staircase” makes an interesting listen and is also most suitable while driving on the highway.


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