Ashera – Enviro

Ashera - Enviro

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Ashera – Enviro
CD, Private Release, 2001

“Enviro” is the fifth album of Anthony Asher Wright aka Ashera. It continues where his former albums already took him.

In addition to his former albums, this one features the Hammond B3 organ, which gives things a twist. Each of the eleven tracks hold the key for a slow drift into a sedative soundscape, very welcome music in nowadays busy times.

Here and there appear delicate xylofoon-like keysounds, leading the listener into an introspective world of tranquillity. The title track and “Earth Sirens” e.g. feature the airy female voice of Donna van de Wijngaart, a great match with Anthony’s serene sonic backdrop.

The track “The Seeder” features a bit more “active” ambient with its soft drone and shifting textures, although things stay very relaxed.

Another marvellous & nicely produced album with drifting music, perfect for introspection and to feel at ease with.
Like his other albums, it’s highly recommended.


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