Ashtoreth’s Gate – Ashtoreth’s Gate

Ashtoreth's Gate - Ashtoreth's Gate

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Ashtoreth’s Gate – Ashtoreth’s Gate
CD, Gterma, 2013

Ashtoreth’s Gate (named after the goddess of love and war) is Lee Norris and Craig Murphy. Both have previously worked together as Solipsism & Nacht Plank, and sonically they firmly touch base in the experimental/abstract genre.

This makes the listen to the three extended tracks on this album not so easy, especially to the 30-minute opening piece “Somatic Sky”. Here we’re entering vast landscapes of resonating and murky (guitar?) drones along a whole range of strange effects and distorted musings. This sonic escapism into abstract alternate (sur)reality has a weird and malevolent side, and cohesion is also not applying to this turmoil of quirky noises.

Fortunately, things get more interesting and accessible on the “Opposite Ocean”, although it stays a deep, haunting drift all the way. This also applies to final piece “When We Return”, again a hypnotizing dark ride with quirky loops, clicks and effects, all leading into slow morphing symphonic spaces. Together with the second track, this is quite fascinating when experienced with headphones.



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