Astropilot – Solar Walk

Astropilot - Solar Walk


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Astropilot – Solar Walk
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altar Records, 2010

AstroPilot is the artist name of the Russian composer Dmitry V. Red’ko. Over the last few years, his music mainly appeared as single tracks on various down-tempo/chill-out compilations, most recently on the last part of Ultimae’s Fahrenheit Project.

The 69-minute “Solar Walk” is his second full-length release, which has turned out to be a spacious and beatless journey through cosmic and highly imaginary realms.

Diving deep into spatial and immersive pheres, this well composed ambient with plesant psychedelic edges gently curls and shifts through profound textural landscapes. Some smooth down-tempo sequencing and rhythms rise to the surface on the “God’s Channel” (extended mix) and, giving the music a great drive, but things are smoothened down again on the first half of the immersive, slightly Eastern flavoured “Inside the Harmony”.

All in all, the well-produced and mixed “Solar Walk”, presented in one continous sonic flow, is a cosmic breathing space. It enters a deep dimension of electronic space music as it easily wanders through the higher orbiting realms while reaching out to the infinite.

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