Astrovoyager – Symphotronic Lunation

Astrovoyager - Symphotronic Lunation

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Astrovoyager – Symphotronic Lunation
CD, Dreaming-Musea, 2010

AstroVoyager is a project by French electronic musician Philippe Fagnoni, whose sonic art (according to the press-sheet) seeks connection to contemporary soundtrack composers such as Hans Zimmer, Eric Serra on one side and genre-specific artists as Vangelis, Era, Enigma and Jean-Michel Jarre on the other.

“Symphotronic Lunation”, his second release which took Mr Fagnoni about four years to complete, is an electro-symphonic release which mixes electronic and choir pads with a few guitar licks and symphonic layers known from a real orchestra.

All ingredients are blended to create a bigger sound, and are occasionally accompanied by some spoken words and female singing. The dreamy tracks are short though, and at times its rhythmic-spiced chill-out style comes rather close to new age.

Despite the broad range of sounds, I can’t say the outcome creates much atmosphere nor sounds convincing. The few up-tempo, dance-oriented piece such as “Full Moon Rendezvous” aren’t spellbinding either.

No, despite the efforts, the classical/electro outcome of “Symphotronic Lunation” is neither fish nor flesh.
Next to the audio album, there’s also a musical short film to coincide with the music, offered as a cd/dvd collectors edition.



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