Asura – 360

Asura - 360

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Asura – 360
CD, Ultimae Records, 2011

Asura is a one-man project by Charles Farewell who continues his quest in the genre of down-tempo electronics with his fourth album “360”.

The typical Asura-style is almost immediately present, blending worldmusic influences with captivating melodic lines and nicely moulded textural pads while lots of great samples sounds also pass by.

It must be said though this psychill ambient album needs a couple of more spins in the cd-player before one discovers the deeper layers embedded within the mellow music next to how keen and sophisticated the trance-tribal oriented outcome has been composed.

The groovy style comes to the surface on tracks such as “Atlantis Child” or “Altered States” while immersive cosmic territory is entered on “Longing for Silence” and “Halley Road”.

All in all, the adventurous and spacious path taken on “360” is most satisfying, which is emphasized by the excellent production and mastering.


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