Asura – Life 2

Asura - Life 2


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Asura – Life 2
CD, Ultimae Records, 2007

Rather quick after the former great release “Source” from SYNC24, July 7th saw this release of Asura, the musical moniker of one Charles Farewell.

The album starts out with drones, Aramean tribal rhythms, vocal samples on “Golgotha”, before a acid/dance sequence, fx’s and grand textures kick in on the glowing “Back to Light”.
The next tracks move forward through a mesmerizing, adventurous landscape of straightforward psychedelic and mind-altering chill-out and down tempo music which at times comes close to the output of HUVA Network or Solar Fields.
The two-fold track “Galaxies” certainly is one of the highlights on the album next to the title track, almost mind blowing so to speak.

The stunning mastering by Huby Sea is the absolute icing on the cake.

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