Asymmetric – From Nowhere Came

Asymmetric - From Nowhere Came

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Asymmetric – From Nowhere Came
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Asymmetric Records, 1999

“From Nowhere came” is the only release to date by the UK-duo Peter Challoner and Paul Smith, aka Asymmetric. If you’re fond of melodic and nicely sequenced contemporary EM, I have no doubt the accessible music on this album will be right up your alley.

The 63-minute outcome features eight tracks airing a positive spirit, lining up nicely next to German and Dutch electronic music from the ’90’s where the same warm sounds, pulsating bass lines, lush, soaring solos and drums were common. This all makes the overall atmosphere most pleasant and at times even catchy.
The post production and digital enhancement of the fine “From Nowhere came” were handled by Paul Lawler.



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