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Atmosphere Factory - Atmosphere Factory


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Atmosphere Factory – Atmosphere Factory
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Dakini Records, 2016

Here’s another nice find I was pointed at by a good friend from Down Under. The contemporary electronic “Atmosphere Factory” proves another addition of sophisticated, flowing, tranquil but also quite spellbinding ambient music. Its mesmerizing yet hypnotic outcome features eight pieces of music that have been split into two long sections, one live and one studio.

The compelling 60-minute result was created by accomplished sound explorer/producer Gio Makyo and breaks away from the often used modus operandi of computer-based composing, instead embracing live, real-time improvisations, free-flowing, psychedelic and trance-like states.

Although the subtle moving, dreamy and occasionallly sequenced outcome has its own distinct flavor, minimalism and unfolding tapestries of magic, some resemblance with the quality sound art of Ishq, Spacetime Continuum and other high-standard chill-out stuff on the classic Silent label come to mind. Rest to say: make sure your quality headphones are in good working order and be immersed!



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