August When – The Hour Before Midnight

August When - The Hour Before Midnight

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August When – The Hour Before Midnight
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

This almost instrumental album by the Scottish musician Martin Gillespie (who is assisted on a few tracks by Elaine Crawford & Tj Stirling on vocals) is a concept cd, and also his debut album.
It musically tells the story of a young man’s journey from childhood to adulthood, a musical painting reflecting a lot of moving feelings like hope, anger, fear, (lost) dreams, and frustration.

The overall atmosphere ois lush and descriptive, in which a lot of melody interacts with rather up-tempo rhythms and strings-arrangements which are carefully situated in the background.
A lot of different but inviting flavours and symphonic elements are spread all over the 13 tracks (although three extra tracks are listed on the band’s website), which really makes this cd sound like an imaginary journey. Certain passages reminded me of another great UK-band: UK Heights.

All in all, this album is well done, and offers a good sound quality and production. In addition, it will also appeal to fans of symphonic music…



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