AuReality – Sense

AuReality - Sense

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AuReality – Sense
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

The man behind Aureality is the Dutch ambient composer Paul Swennenhuis, of which “Sense” is his second album. On this cd he uses the Alesis QuadraSynth, Emu Morpheus en de NI AbSynth, and the outcome is above average.

AuReality’s music contains nice melodic lines and mixes them quite often with ethnic inspired rhythms. His compositions contain a certain cyclic element, but this is not that easy music.
“Orbiting Earth” is a nice retro-kindred track, while the piano-keys of “Breathtaking” sound almost Eno-like next to the ethnic rhythms which give things a smooth atmosphere.

“Sense” sounds more introspective but evolves into more light-symphonic realms. “Cosmopolitan” is a more classic, Asian-influenced piece of music which shows slight affinity with the old music of Synergy.

In all, AuReality offers quite daring ambient with some light melancholic undercurrents. This is surely an album to keep in mind.



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