Australis – Adrift

Australis - Adrift

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Australis – Adrift
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Essential Noises, 2014

All Australis albums I’ve heard until now have been graced with many emotive components and a core that celebrates the wonders of life.

“Adrift” though took shape in a period of the composer’s life where he endured many hardships which affected his personal life deeply and without remorse. Despite the tough and stressful circumstances, Utah-based composer Oscar Aguayo somehow found the confidence and strength to look ahead and make the best of it all. Needless to say the aforementioned had a huge influence on the composition process for his record, which already was set in motion for a while.

The very well produced, mixed and mastered “Adrift” features a nice continuation of the Australis-sound, still containing this vibrant, lyrical and melodic current running through each of the 12 accessible, mid-tempo songs. The sparkling and balanced sound of Amethystium’s Neurodisc releases comes to mind occasionally, but some ethnic influences (like in “Deep Americas” and the heartfelt “Homecoming”) and personal touches give the emotive, rich sounding outcome a special glow once again. A special note on “The Lunatic -part two”, where Oscar presents a very nice cinematic/orchestral style that could easily fit in an actual movie-soundtrack.

On the 56-minute “Adrift” (on which I also discerned a clear reflection on the debut album “Lifegiving” made almost 10 years earlier) any fan of general melodic synth music will find quite some satisfying and fulfilling aural stuff that touches heart, soul and mind in an accomplished but honest way.


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