Australis – Lifegiving

Australis - Lifegiving

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Australis – Lifegiving
CD, Private Release, 2005

Australis is a project of Oscar Aguayo, established in the middle of 2004, which is described as the natural expression of the human heart beyond languages, cultures and distances.

Well, “Lifegiving” features 45 minutes of accessible, melodic instrumental songs which feel both emotional and visual at the same time. In a way this kind of music celebrates and reflects the joy and beauty of life. The well-balanced rich sounds and (ethnic flavoured) rhythms create a relaxing musical landscape of intimate and more up-tempo excursions, of which the first four tracks are very strong.

The barrel organ sounds of “The Enchantment” made me think of a track on Patrick O’Hearn’s album “Indigo”, while the up-tempo “Between the Sun and the Moon” offers some lovely soloing as well. The last track returns to intimate, atmospheric music.

Overall, this very well produced music at times shows some similarities with Amethystium and Ryan Farish, but Australis musical landscapes extends their impact in its on personal way.
No doubt this music will appeal to a lot of ears.


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