Australis – One of Ours

Australis - One of Ours

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Australis – One of Ours
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Essential Noises, 2019

In the five years since his previous release “Adrift”, composer Oscar Aguayo (aka Australis) found he was particularly receptive to the underlying forces behind most of our acts and thoughts as humans. Some of them are emotions (love, hope, fear, anger, etc.), while others are facts (birth, life, illness, death, etc.). Each one of them has the ability to sharpen who we really are. The superfluous excess we all carry though loose importance when these forces shake and challenge us. Eventually we end up becoming better, sharper versions of ourselves. Some of those forces will make our journeys lighter, others will make them heavier. Several of them will elevate us while others will crush us. We all take a fall in different ways, at different times, to different depths. At the same time we are all connected by this vulnerability. We are all “one of ours.”

The 12 melodic orchestrations –accompanied by gentle piano playing occasionally- making up the evocative 59-minute “One of Ours” stay true to Australis fine sonic craftsmanship but their actual meaning and interpretation is still left to each listener. It’s hard not to like the great (Vangelis-flavored) title track kicking things off while other tracks air an encompassing nature or give wings to a variety of emotions and states such as inclusion, independence, curiosity, redemption, betrayal, defiance, love. Other hightlights are the cinematic “The Lunatic” with its thrilling symphonic outbursts and firm energetic impact or the captivating “Reality is not enough”.

The multi-layered facets, honest nature and underneath splendor embedded in Oscar’s excellently produced, mixed and mastered music again make “One of Ours” worth checking out.


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