Australis – Sentient Genus

Australis - Sentient Genus

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Australis – Sentient Genus
CD, Essential Noises, 2010

Toward the end of 2010, Oscar Aguayo brings us his third release, “Sentient Genus”, of which the composer mentions in the press sheet it explores some of humanity’s many levels of existance.

It’s already at the start of the album that one clearly hears this is another very nice instrumental album with the typical Australis signatures: vibrant, uplifting and with positive undercurrents.
Australis sonic journey takes us through a rich and varied kaleidoscope of sounds and impressions, smoothly riding the edge of new age, contemporary melodic, orchestral/instrumental and native-oriented electronic music.

Like the previous albums, Oscar’s music has remained highly accessible, expressive and honest while it also inhabits lots of emotional spaces. The playful and joyful seem to embrace each other in almost every track, while at times implementing traditional sound pads such as featured in “Smile of a Woman”. These so very alive musical landscapes, the interbreeding of sound and human spirit, shine but always remain close to this strong acoustic element.

Listening to and experiencing the very well produced and transparent sounding 70-minute “Sentient Genus”, which is presented as a continuous work of sonic art, is an amazing and very pleasant occupation.
Well done, Oscar!

As a physical album, it’s available at Amazon and CD Baby, but it can also be purchased as a download through all major digital music retailers.


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