Australis – The Gates of Reality

Australis - The Gates of Reality

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Australis – The Gates of Reality
CD, Essential Noises, 2008

It took Australis, aka Oscar Aguayo, three years to compose a follow-up to his debut-album “Lifegiving”. For the new project, Oscar collaborated with young poet Virginia Luna, Andean musician/singer Alvaro Aguayo, composer/producer Roger Subirana, and singers Mornie Sims and Rebecca Farraway, which resembles the path of Amethystium took for his last release.

Unlike “Lifegiving”, which is a compilation of musical pieces with no thematic relationship between them,”The Gates of Reality” carries the constant struggle between reality and the imaginary of every human being as a concept.
The theme of the new contemporary instrumental work was taken from Oscar’s own life after the release of his debut, as new responsibilities and unavoidable activities threatened to interrupt or even stop his musical work, as he suddenly found himself battling to continue composing music.

The new album contains 14 well produced tracks of melodic, instrumental music, which feature a wide array of ethnic and acoustic elements, synthesized sounds, vocal textures and even some South-American influences.
The sonic content goes deeper, but the romantic and fantasy/imaginary flavours are present again, as is the resemblance to new age music, but executed with a sparkling twist.

Overall, “The Gates of Reality” is a soft glowing, colorfull display of emotional music with lots of details to trigger and sooth the mind. While listening, you feel the rushes of blood through your veins as you feel so much alive.
Again, nicely done, Oscar!


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