Ava Felsenstein – Hydrolux

Ava Felsenstein - Hydrolux

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Ava Felsenstein – Hydrolux
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Through the years there have been several electronic musicians who make or have made Jarre-inspired music or music recreating his synth sounds and atmospheres such as Kebu, Victor Cerullo and MoonSatellite. German synthesist Ava Felsenstein has the same intention with “Hydrolux”.

Well, the eight tracks continuing Jarre’s spherical sounds prove much softer as well as fuzzier as the music moves through space and through a story while sticking mostly to “Equinoxe’s” aural framework. I for one feel it certainly would benefit from a bit more spiced-up approach and depth, now staying too chill-out for its 45-minute duration.

Although I’m not particularly moved by this very gentle, far less sweeping outcome, those of you having a soft spot for Jarre’s ‘70s classic sound should consider having a listen to this release.


Website: https://avafelsenstein.bandcamp.com


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