Awenson – Aweena

Awenson – Aweena

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Awenson – Aweena
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2020

On this album (an ode to love, beauty, peace and harmony) Joël Bernard identifies himself with Aweena, a self-created cosmic divinity bringing humanity the opposite of all the sorrow and aftermath caused by the worldwide covid pandemic.

The 77-minute outcome is a kind of contemporary cosmic symphony featuring an assortment of vintage-flavoured sounds, sequencing and textures. Moreover, the celestial, futuristic aural travelogue links to Rolf Trostel, Edgar Froese as well as some of Schulze’s classic 70 works at times where the outcome progresses slowly but surely in a mesmerizing fashion. Mr Bernard’s musical philosophy here is something special as he ties the intergalactic and earthbound together sophistically on each of the seven tracks.

Even the strange, surreal and experimental-ish “Nachtmusik” and “Running” -both found at the tail of the release- breathe a unique, hypnotizing charm. All in all, “Aweena” makes a beautiful, timeless piece of synth work. Hats off, Joël.




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