Awenson – Beyond the Galaxies

Awenson - Beyond the Galaxies

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Awenson – Beyond the Galaxies
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

On “Beyond the Galaxies”, Bordeaux-based composer Joël Bernard (aka Awenson) takes the listener on a more atmospheric oriented sonic journey. Still roaming in the cosmic sounds of the vintage electronic age of the ’70’s, the three lengthy ambient pieces unfold in a fascinating manner while they travel in the deep end.

Although the shadows of both Vangelis and Schulze occasionally shimmer through his compositions, Awenson has found his own roadmap leading him into mesmerizing, celestial spheres. On the 40-minute opening track “Shangri La”, Joël even implements some exotic textures, such as sitar and gong sounds along vintage choir pads in the first 18 minutes or so. After that, a percussive sequence shows up, accompanied by long-stretched pads and lush, swirling solo voices. These elements make up a playful, uplifting sonic painting slightly in vein of Schulze’s end of the ’70’s style culled together with a distinct psychedelic rim.

Next in line is my personal highlight, the beautiful 27-minute “Innerlight”. This smooth morphing, shimmering and above all calming space music features a lovely ebb and flow of mesmerizing synth washes. The 10-minute “Faeries Gates” continues with deep soundscapes executed in a bit grander, more symphonic mode, once more in a nice ebb and flow fashion.

“Beyond the Galaxies” is a nice addition to the Awen(son)-catalogue, revealing a different side of this talented French electronic musician.


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