Awenson – Faith

Awenson - Faith

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Awenson – Faith

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2024

“Faith” is a concept album in the fairly ‘traditional’ Berlin School style, but still bearing Awenson’s easily recognizable, occasionally hypnotizing, style. Furthermore, music, images, and the poem have been conceived and thought out by Joël Bernard, aiming to restore faith in oneself and the universe.

Vintage warm, sequencer-driven electronics roll in nicely on opener “The Cyclades”, then moving into some abstract-angled cosmic territory (“Nebulous Bright”, “Electro-lyse”, “Van Halen”) and the general-melodic with the Rolf Trostel-esq “Sequencer”. Another highlight is the 18-minute “Fountain of Sorrow” (a piece Joël already passed on to me somewhere in 2020/2021 when he finished the music for “Aweena” and “Floating”): this lovely sequencer-driven outing is almost a tribute to Klaus Schulze‘s heydays featuring those cracking Schulzian late ’70 trademarks along evocative choir pads and acoustic (Harald Grosskopf / “X”-like) drums. Only the album’s final track “Krautrock” is a bit out of place due to its more contemporary, spaced-out sound design.



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