Awenson – Floating

Awenson - Floating


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Awenson – Floating
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2021

With “Floating”, French multi-instrumentalist Joël Bernard brings his audience a work of non-Berlin School art that isn’t like any of his previous releases. This time around he’s come up with pure spaced-out result (something he had delved into briefly on the 2009-album “Beyond the Galaxies”) fitting in the league of fine electro-ambient explored by Steve Roach, Jonn Serrie, Michael Stearns, and alike.

Luminous, smooth drifting dreamscapes make up the 12-minute opener “Tropical Sleep”, followed by celestial winds, subtle sequences, and calm textures creating a portal into the harmonic, cosmic outdoors on “Tribal Trip”. The lush “Sacred Riteo” with its static bassline sounds a tad flat and too New Age to my ears, but fortunately, Awenson heads in the right direction again on the almost 19-minute “Landscape from Outerspace”, a gentle morphing, weightless, and more profound soundscape dressed with subtle guitar strings. After the brief interlude “Perle”, cosmic doors open even more beautiful and mesmerizing on “Flowers in Heaven” and “Love Dream”.

All in all, “Floating” is a well-accomplished, soft sparkling, and overall calm voyage into cosmic ambiences.


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