Awenson – Within

Awenson – Within


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Awenson – Within
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2019

On the previous album “Hope”, Joël Bernard already showed his style is unusual and sometimes a bit peculiar. At first glance, “Within” features some progressive elements along the introduction of distorted e-guitar (similar to Edgar Froese or Frank Dorittke) and bass guitar on two tracks – most notably on the energetic opener “Beyond the Flash”. However, Joël’s music still carries influences of classic Berlin School music such as the cosmic “Sentimental Journey” and the short take “Monolith”.

After that captivating sequencing and atmospheric pads move in, sonically bringing to mind vintage Schulze (“Lovewind”), Patrick Kosmos, and other notable cosmic couriers from the past. “Spheric Passage” and “One of these Nights” kick off a gentle soaring cruise into the galactic expanse, a pleasant mood prologued on the remaining tracks.  During this calm journey some shadowy corners are visited on the second half of “Suspended Flood”. Starting out as classic Gandalf, the final piece “Nymphea” travels smoothly into dreamy ethereal realms while spreading a warm textural perfume during its 13-minute ride.

Repeated and focused listens to the very well-accomplished “Within” will reveal the underlying beauty in Awenson’s cosmic poetry.



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