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Awenson - Wizard


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Awenson – Wizard
CD, Dreaming/Musea Records, 2010

Awenson is the new artist name of French musician Joël Bernard, previously known as Awen. I don’t have a clue why he switched to this new moniker, but the lovely crafted “Wizard” makes a release not to be missed: this is slow evolving and building electronic music (like the Awen-recording) firmly rooted in beautiful vintage realms.

The versatile album contains two lengthy tracks of 30 and 41 minutes each, offering a vibrant and strong classic-Schulze style of music. After an atmospheric introduction, Awenson’s music makes a smooth turn and ventures in ‘70’s cosmic and nicely sequenced territory with soon some lovely soloing and tasty retro effects kicking in.

There’s actually quite a lot going on in the gentle, mesmerizing flow of music, with even touches of “Moondawn” and “Timewind” surfacing at the end of “Hypotic Ways”. In between, there are moody, quiet and drony textural interludes roaming in the EM sound of early ‘70’s. A stronger influence of vintage Jean-Michel Jarre though peers through the veins of the lengthty and hypnotizing “Psychedelic Dream”.

The fun of and search for sonic adventure seems a constant factor, making the well-produced and versatile “Wizard” most certainly recommended for all who love to dwell in and relive the splendour of the classic retro sound of Schulze, TD and Jarre.
Bravo, Mr Bernard!


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