Axess – Chamaeleon

Axess - Chamaeleon  


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Axess – Chamaeleon
CD, Invisible Shadows, 2003

When it comes to quality German electronic music, bands like Rainbow Serpent and Pyramid Peak come to mind. One of the members of the latter is Axel Stüpplich, who kicked off his solo adventure as Axess in 2002.

“Chamaeleon”, his second release under that moniker, offers thoughtful-made, accessible and rhythmic-driven electronics with melodic flair marrying the contemporary with the charm and impact of the various classics in the genre such as Berlin-School type sequencing. It won’t come as a surprise there are lots of similarities to Axel’s music and that of Pyramid Peak, but melancholic vibes appear far more often in his solo work. On this record, this mood already shines through more profoundly on the excellent second track “Desire”, and later resurfaces on “The Sirius Mystery” and the calm, TD-ish “A Dream is always a Dream” (and in a lesser sense also on the quite epic title track).

All in all, there’s a lot to like on this release that -without a doubt- will appeal to a wide EM audience.

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