Axess – Seashore

Axess - Seashore

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Axess – Seashore
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2018

From the start Axel Stupplich’s album “Seashore” proves to be an overall mellow and relaxing soundscape affair with a soft rhythms accompanying. Sonically the biggest part of the 70-minute result balances between ambient-lounge, chill-out, Schiller’s Einlass Musik series and the calming pieces on Mind over Matter’s early albums. If the third track “Pure Obsession” had more punch and a steady beat it would have fit nicely into Ultimae’s down-tempo roster while “Tranquility Base” makes the other bit livier excursion on the disc.

Overall, “Sea Shore” is for those who prefer gentle and tranquil electronic atmospheres of a drifting, occasionaly even meditative nature.


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