Axess – Time Traveller

Axess - Time Traveller

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Axess – Time Traveller
CD, Private Release, 2005

One actually can’t go wrong with the nicely shaped contemporary electronic music of Axel Stupplich, who’s also involved in the project Pyramid Peak. Compared to the previous releases, Axel’s third album “Time Traveller” turns out groovy, offering 74 minutes of peppy, rhythmic-driven and more powerful music dressed with the Berlin School melodic component.

Dance vibes are all over the place on the catchy title track kicking things off while trance-dance vibes kick in on “Fly Away” and “Bombay Fruit Market”. Overall it’s an energetic affair with even a few nicely implemented vocal samples on “Pharao”. Pretty much of the previous energetic atmospheres though have faded when we arrive at the 14-minute tranquil ambience of the final track “World of Secrets”.


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