Axess – Voices of Dawn

Axess - Voices of Dawn

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Axess – Voices of Dawn
CD, Spheric Music, 2008

If I’m right, “Voices of Dawn” is the fourth album by German synthesist Axel Stupplich, aka Axess, who’s also known as a member of the band Pyramid Peak.

The album, released on December 8th 2008, contains seven accessible tracks of traditional instrumental and typically German sounding electronic music blending the styles of Jarre, Klangwelt and the contemporary soundings of the aforementioned band Pyramid Peak.
This is immediately shown on the strong album opener “Beyond the Stars”, featuring engaging sequencing, melodic lines and foot-tapping rhythms.

On the following tracks, Axel doesn’t take any risk as he continues following the path of accessible, atmospheric, dreamy and melodic songs with warm synth pads, well-paced sequencing, lush soloing and accompanying rhythms.

All in all, I’m sure there will a lot of fans out there that will absolutely love this.



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