Ayaavaaki & Purl – Ancient Skies

Ayaavaaki & Purl - Ancient Skies

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Ayaavaaki & Purl – Ancient Skies


“Ancient Skies” is an extensive electronic dream journey of nearly 2,5 hours envisioned and realized by the duo  Alexander Lux (aka Ayaavaaki) and Ludvig Cimbrelius (aka Purl).

It features vast tableaux of ambient, drone, and space music with occasional subtle implied rhythmic structures. Moreover, a profound sense of harmony and calm shimmers through a constellation of attentively layered, overtly lush, and elevating soundscapes that keep evolving and shapeshifting its set of pastel colors. The sense of being out there in an alternate reality is immediate and profound as we float along on tapestries of serene, gentle textures that occasionally also head into rather a mysterious territory like on “Exosphere Antennae” and “Archaic Syntax”.

All in all, “Ancient Skies” makes up a kind of chill-out music that settles itself around the listener in a most relaxed manner by simply being there.

Website: www.ahomeinthesky.com

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