Barbelo & Jorge Reyes – Ethnoaural

Barbelo & Jorge Reyes - Ethnoaural

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Barbelo & Jorge Reyes – Ethnoaural
CD, Barbelo Music, 2008

Barbelo is the Mexican, Monterrrey-based duo Rodolfo Garza (aka Arkha Nous) and Daniel Trevino (aka Xak) who have joined forces with Jorge Reyes (who sadly passed away in February 2009) for this album.

“Ethnoaural” features 44 minutes of ethnic flavoured electro-acoustic ambient compositions in which Reyes distinct fingerprints of Pre-Hispanic hints shine through. The overall flavour and mood is relaxed, ranging from jazzy outings to slightly upbeat to dreamy excursions most of the time.

The nine themes are assembled from drums, flutes, energetic rhythms, sacred chants and an assortment of Reyes-magic in which electronics play a minor role.

All in all, “Ethnoaural” (featuring the airy voice Susan Lincoln on a few tracks) is a loungy instrumental affair building a bridge between the ancient and the contemporary in an atmospheric but also timeless manner



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