Bart Hawkins – 21 Pulse Eclipse

Bart Hawkins - 21 Pulse Eclipse

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Bart Hawkins – 21 Pulse Eclipse
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2019

Bart Hawkins is an analogue gear-head from the US hereby releasing his inspired debut album.  The abstract, industrial side of vintage Em (think Nothing but Noise, Node) is explored on the demanding 17-minute title track following in the footsteps of the harmonious, calming “Dream Meditation” kicking off the album. It’s stark, alienating and enigmatic aural stuff to my ears to say the least, not suitable for the faint of heart within the Em-community.

Something of a hypnotic realm surfaces on “Bell Curve Blips”, but the track’s uneven yet disorientating nature make it rather hard to enjoy. Freaky sound experimentation is also spot on on “Crazy 8 Frobogs Throuping Through The Seven Forests”, another blunt, nerve-racking exercise in analogue sound. So I was most happy to hear “Dream Meditation part 2”, an extension on the drifting, hallucinogenic realm explored on the opening piece. Rest me to say I don’t have a clue who I should recommend this weird album. Just beware.



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