Bart Hawkins – Vision of Eden

Bart Hawkins - Vision of Eden

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Bart Hawkins – Vision of Eden
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2021

Compared to his rather weird debut “21 Pulse Eclipse” (which was pure sonic exploration), Bart Hawkins second album “Vision of Eden” is a somewhat different breed. Still being a completely modular production with some strange, harrowing moments, it features a futuristic, rich pallet of synthetic sounds and pads with a profound narrative layer, drawing its story from the book of Genesis.

Through the five tracks, all featuring an expansive soundscape ambience with occasional ethnic hints, the composer rides the edge of the ethereal, uncharted, otherworldly and surreal while sparking a spiritual awakening into the power of sound-sculpting. The harmonic breeze is imminent on the first two tracks (both deserving 3.5 stars for sure), then shifting to a bit more experimentation on “Sidewinder’s” with the interplay of angling guitar rattles, drone textures and groovy analogues. A more menacing, stark sonic environment unfolds on the psychedelic, slow-motion soundscape “Descent into The Forbidden Fruit”, eventually not really my cup of tea. Fortunately, the final track “Dragonfly Speaks” returns to a gentle breeze of serene, graceful ambiences.

“Vision of Eden” is for analogue gear heads with a taste for adventurous-angled ambient, I reckon.




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