Bas B. Broekhuis – The Escher Drawings

Bas Broekhuis - The Escher Drawings

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Bas B. Broekhuis – The Escher Drawings
CD, Synteam/Groove Unlimited, 1991/2004

Bas Broekhuis belongs to the Eindhovense School of electronic musicians such as Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden, Niko Olofsen and Ad van Gerven. Together with Ron Boots he founded the Synteam label in 1990, and also joined the KLEM-subdivision KLONE that pushed him to release his music.

With “The Escher Drawings”, composed between the summer of 1989 and the autumn of 1991, Dutch synthesist Bas Broekhuis delivered an album which aptly merges cyclic forms and structures with Berliner School-influenced electronic music. Inspired by the many great mathematical and fascinating drawings of Dutch artist Escher, the album offers seven compositions melting minimal patterns, textures, choir pads and sequencers into a cohesive whole, to which Bas added drums and percussion.

The first part already is a great entrance, but I’m especially fond of the evocative, elevating sound of the glass voices heard on various occasions and which is heavily featured on e.g. part 1 and part 4 (the latter being my personal favorite).
Part five features slight Vangelis flavours while a certain jazzy feel shines through on part 6. The album nicely winds down with the swinging, smooth sparkling part 7.

In 2004, the 61-minute “The Escher Drawings” was re-released by Groove Unlimited with a new, cover, offering an improved sound quality.


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