Basic Principles – Colours

Basic Principles - Colours

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Basic Principles – Colours
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Deserted Island Music, 2022

Well, I bought this very moody double album at E-Day 2022 from the artist himself at the label’s booth, but unfortunately, it had to wait until recently before I found time to dig it properly. Listening attentively to it now, I can say the music of Haarlem-based musician/painter Wladimir Duijndam, aka Basic Principles, is a very nice discovery.

The first disc features eight captivating, carefully molded electro-ambient excursions of a darker, minimal nature. In a strange way, it made me think of Nevel’s “The Hageland” (esp. “Mars Black”). The music itself creates a deeper sense of spatial, occasional hypnotizing atmospheres with mysterious angles (even heading into surreal territory on “Magenta” or the melancholic on “Maroon”) some with or without sequences/beats.

The content of the second disc though is a different cup of tea, as Mr. Duijndam serves a very tasty 78-minute dish of EM that’s simply a feast for all Berlin School afficionados out there. Next to that style, I really love the thoughtful aerial movements happening here, occasionally it almost lines up with the works of Thomas Ronkin. Things are dressed up neatly with a nice touch of minimalism as well as a sense of futurism. Suffice it to say one should give this well-mastered and produced recording a go. Overall rating: between 3.5 and 4 stars.





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