Beehive Plains – Tape

Beehive Plains - Tape

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Beehive Plains – Tape
CD, Ad Inexplora/Xenophone International, 2012

The Swedish electro-experimental band Beehive Plains is a side project initiated by Twice a Man-member Karl Gasleben, who is joined by Peter Davidson and Olle Niklassen.

The musical journey “Tape”, a unique sounding fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments, found its starting point by means of a found cassette tape that contained a recording from inside of a beehive. After various listening sessions, Karl and Peter detected tonal and rhythmical patterns hidden deep inside the buzzing sonic texture.
These were cut up, looped, switched or otherwise heavily processed and in the end stitched together again, ending up as building blocks to create the nine instrumental songs that make up “Tape”.

The outcome, made with synths, electric bass, flutes, sax, and some additional percussion, is a psychedelic outing: groovy but otherwise hard to define and an overall strange kind of electronica.
A faint comparison might be Bob Holroyd’s world-music oriented output, but I personally find the use of sax in Beehive Plains music the most annoying and unattractive element by far.



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