Bekki Williams – Edge of Human

Bekki Williams - Edge of Human

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Bekki Williams – Edge of Human
CD, AD Music, 2007

Those who love accessible & highly melodic music can surely grab this cd, as it holds all strong keys to become a success in the genre of general and contemporary electronic music. Sure, certain comparisons to the work of Andy Pickford can’t be denied, but overall the music takes another turn as it breaths this strong female, almost romantic touch in all its veins. Bekki combines nice sequences and some wordless (even Gregorian) vocal pads with melodic, textural and sawing strings and flute, in which the drums give things a good kick from time to time. There’s also some gentle acoustic and rhythmic guitar works scattered over a few tracks to strengthen the musical content. Personally I find this music a bit too easy and light, but I’m sure a lot of listeners will be very pleased with the outcome on this recording (which only lasts 47 minutes and took over seven years in the making)



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