Ben Cox – On Water

Ben Cox - On Water

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Ben Cox – On Water
CD, Lotuspike, 2005

According to the press-information, ambient composer Ben Cox has been a musician for twenty-five years and a recording engineer for fifteen years. He’s also on of the founders of the Lotuspike label, which has released his debut cd “On Water”.

The music is a blend of acoustic and electronic instruments, one of slow movement, minimal soundscape atmospheres and subtle sound treatments. The intimate opening track “Anhinga” was previously available through Dark Duck’s Drone Download project.

“Merganser” seems to be music for a still-life painting, which slightly meanders along trance/Eastern textures. “Willet” is a nice excursion with it’s repetitive piano, roaring thunder and overall pastoral impact.
“Gannet” features some drone-sitar textures with again some slight Asian flavours and signal sounds. It isn’t that dark as Matthias Grassow, but stays a bit too monotonous.

“Grebe” offers a lighter sound of soundscapes over railway sounds, before seeping water sounds, dronescapes and a treated trumpet enter stage on “Plover”. “Pray for Rain” concludes the album with tribal percussion, sampled sequencer and textures.

Overall, “On Water” is a nice & well produced release which might please those who love an Eno kindred ambient music style.



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