Berlin Heritage – Land of the Rising Sun

Berlin Heritage - Land of the Rising Sun


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Berlin Heritage – Land of the Rising Sun
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2009

Berlin Heritage is a newly founded Em project initiated by Hannover-based composer Robert Sigmuntowski. The latter released his debut album “Land of the Rising Sun” at the start of February 2012 through Lambert Ringlage’s Spheric Music label.

While combining the best from old gear and stuff from the digital era, Mr Sigmuntowski describes his output as Berlin OldSchool. The music on this 70-minute album has lots of immersive and dreamy flavours touching the vintage foundations of the genre, while it takes the listener on a comfortable journey into distant lands with lovely spacious sequencers, melodic solos and cosmic textures.

Especially the first track, venturing out for 34 minutes, occasionally connects to Schulze’s “Moondawn”, but also breaks away from it when it spreads out its dreamy wings. In addition, tasty mellotron flutes and choirs are also core elements in the surprisingly moody spacemusic of Berlin Heritage, making up a melancholic framework of music that masterfully revisits the vintage electronics ‘70’s.
Hat’s off to Berlin Heritage!


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