Bernd Kistenmacher – Beyond the Deep

Bernd Kistenmacher - Beyond the Deep


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Bernd Kistenmacher – Beyond the Deep
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mellowjet Records, 2010

After many albums dedicated to or inspire by outer space, “Beyond The Deep” takes a dive into the inner space world and wonders of sea life. The album and its music were premiered at Planetarium Bochum on June 12.
So what does this fictional musical exploration of the deep sea and the oceans, which were inspired by Frank Schätzing’s science fiction thriller “The Swarm”, bring us next to its ecological message?
Well, Bernd certainly hasn’t forgotten his Berliner School roots beside his orchestral style and his distinct fingerprint, setting a gentle and grand mood with the opener “Overture”.

The 16-minute “Tsunami” has quite some searching sounds at the start, before moving into a gentle piano section followed by spacious string and choir pads. Things are set in motion with a nice interplay of sequencers and rhythms, and I’m especially happy any solo voice is left out in this vibrant, classic-oriented piece. Well done!

The acoustic guitar sounds on “Clayoquot Sound” take things in laidback spheres and new age territory with romantic flavours. It’s too simplistic and lightweight to my ears, although the second part of this track offers Bernd’s well-known orchestral sound.

I like “Lost City” much better. At first there’s a mellow atmosphere and some twinkling sounds, but soon things shift into higher gear with orchestral and symphonic synth pads, bass rhythm and only a few solo sounds. Bernd’s well-known, more pronounced trumpet sounds show up briefly in the second half of the imaginary track, leaving enough room for the grand symphonic design before the tracks gently fades out with acoustic guitar sounds.

On we go with the moody, warm soundings of the relaxed “In the black smokers bar”, which features some lush piano.
Bernd brings things to a nice ending with melodic and smooth “Who will save the world?”, another personal highlight. which contains a nice interplay of synths, strings, and flute, all executed in a neo-classical manner, culminating in a symphonic finale with a nice vibrating solo (although I don’t understand the clapping and chaotic voices at the tail).

Nevertheless, Bernd has done a very nice job with the well-executed “Beyond the Deep”, which sees him explore emotional and new musical pathways.
Hat’s off!


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