Bernd Kistenmacher – Disintegration

Bernd Kistenmacher - Disintegration


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Bernd Kistenmacher – Disintegration

The last two decades quite a few EM albums have seen the light of day concerning global environmental problems, the dangers of nuclear power and the ongoing destruction of nature caused by humans. German synthesist Bernd Kistenmacher added his first two cents already with his 2014-album “Paradise” and now with the follow-up “Disintegration”.

Next to a highly imaginative character, the moods and ambiences featured on the latter shift between lightness and introspection. The 62-minute “Disintegration” is a highly emotive sonic portrait incorporating ambient-space music and neo-classical synth strings on which the composer’s concern on the future of our planet and major environmental issues is imminent.

Next to various sad and soft-mourning passages, “Reflecting Ice” and “Frozen Magic” celebrate simple intrinsic beauty throughout. The 13-minute title piece found at the end is an intense classical-symphonic poem of intrinsic power with lush-ethereal spheres moving along gently and sideways.
Compared to the well accomplished “Paradise” I rate “Disintegration” even a tad higher.


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