Bertrand Loreau – Eternal Sorrows

Bertrand Loreau – Eternal Sorrows

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Bertrand Loreau – Eternal Sorrows
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2019

The music on this 71-minute recording was made in 1981, a time when only limited analogue equipment along simple recording facilities were around and affordable for many electronic musicians. “Eternal Sorrows” offers 14 vintage pieces enhanced slightly and improved best as possible in 2015 without losing its original intrinsic emotive and intrinsic qualities.

The sound pads, effects and atmospheres encountered here are warm and engaging, spreading rays of melancholy and loving memory occasionally while spicing Berlin School music with hallucinogenic, hypnotizing and psychedelic touches (“Chemin d’Enfer”, “Flying Machine”) along work in vein of classic Schulze (e.g. the two-fold title piece).

Those who appreciated Mr Loreau’s collections “Réminiscences” and “Journey through the past” can grab “Eternal Sorrows” without hesitation.


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