Bertrand Loreau – From Past to Past

Bertrand Loreau - From Past to Past

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Bertrand Loreau – From Past to Past
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spheric Music, 2015

According to Mr Loreau’s liner notes in the booklet, the outcome of 60-minute “From Past to Past” is his best effort to date to express his love and admiration for the Berlin School style, but now applied to lengthy cosmic improvisations. In addition, this should sound the closest to the music he was composing and playing in 1982 on his vintage gear.

Well, the 38-minute opener “Past never Dies” already makes clear the sequencer-driven excursion with accompanying moody atmospheric nods doesn’t make any compromises. It’s a captivating, unstructured flight moving on and on while the whole sound design keeps evolving and changing, spreading a warm flavor of textures and spheres with occasionally a few mellow, non-upfront solo lines on top. This is a solid and convincing track indeed, deserving 4 stars.

Without interruption, things go onward with two more tracks of 11 minutes each where a similar but also a bit lighter approach is applied. The improvised outcome of “Journey remains the same” though is no competition to the aforementioned piece as the entrancing, enchanting vibe simply isn’t evoked nor strong enough. The final piece “Flying Stones over the sea” (a tribute to the late Edgar Froese) does better in that respect, which is mainly due the rolling, slightly pumping sequencer patterns and lush sphere paintings hovering smoothly above it.

I reckon any vintage Em-aficionado will want to dig this release (although overall it’s not good enough to receive a 4 star rating).

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