Between Interval – Radio Silence

Between Interval - Radio Silence

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Between Interval – Radio Silence
CD-R, Private Release, 2004

After I heard his stunning album “Secret Observatory” a while ago, I thought it would be a good idea to also track down the debut-album of Stefan Jönsson aka Between Interval. The album features quite a lot of distorted radio sounds, which don’t always make that much sense to me, but the music itself heads for dark, almost foreboding atmospheres.

“Overheard” sets out in a beautiful freeform manner, but the title track that follows sounds rather empty to me.
“Aerolith” is another strong effort of floating ambient with soft crackling sounds on the background, after which the down-tempo-like “The Dark Light” offers more prominent rhythms.

“Your Flesh is irrelevant” starts chaotic but becomes accessible after a while with faint textures and low beats.
“Open Frequency” is a slow building downbeat track which doesn’t sound attractive at first glance, but things turn more positive when slick piano keys and nice textures show up.
“Vortex” and “Field and Void” are nice space tracks again offering lots of reverb.

As a whole, these 74 minutes of rather complex music aren’t easy to enjoy, but will start to pay off after several listens.

Note: this album was re-released on cd in October 2007 on Spotted Peccary Music.


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