Between Interval – The Edge of a Fairytale

Between Interval - The Edge of a Fairytale


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Between Interval – The Edge of a Fairytale
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2009

After a hiatus of three years, there’s finally another album by Between Interval, the musical moniker of Stefan Jönsson, who as of November 2008 is known as Stefan Strand instead.

The outcome of “The Edge of a Fairytale” sure has been worth the wait, offering a fascinating ambient journey with a highly cinematic impact, presented as 11 tracks of deep and occasionally darker textural music.

The expertly crafted and mastered soundscapes smoothly move through mysterious and dense sonic worlds, flowing back and forth through expansive spaces and darker caverns that are beyond imagination and wonder.

There’s even this icy touch occasionally passing by (on e.g. “Eden in Shadows”) that’s characteristic for Scandinavian ambient, while the darkest, most foreboding piece is found at the end of the album by means of the 11-minute “Leviathan”.
Other tracks are in line of minimal music due to its slowly transforming and morphing pace of sequencing and sound textural magic.

All in all, experiencing and listening to “The Edge of a Fairytale” is a great adventure in itself and a very rewarding one indeed.


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